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Gardening and vegetable garden

Elected product of the year 2023 by the JDC

BERGER-WORLD is your ideal partner for tomorrow's solutions, in the world of gardening. Our philosophy: to democratize concrete solutions to improve the daily life of nature lovers, while preserving the planet.

To do this, BERGER-WORLD has developed a new range of hydro-retainers, a new generation of Solid Water Reservoir. These water reservoirs are effective for up to 5 years in the ground, or as many cycles of “absorption-restitution” necessary for the plant during this period. BERGER-WORLD solutions reduce water consumption, linked to watering, by up to 80%, are 100% biodegradable and do not contain acrylamides.

BERGER-WORLD supports the Global Institute for Water, Environment and Health (GIWEH). We have imagined a complete range of solutions for individuals.

Veget Table

For your vegetable gardens.

  • + Less fertilizer (prevents leaching of nutrients)
  • + Better water conservation
  • + Revitalizes tired soils (decompaction phenomenon)

Little Jungle

For flowers, indoor plants and balcony planters

  • + Water autonomy for plants, reduces watering, for 5 years
  • + Up to 30 days of watering
  • + Usable in gel for cut flower

Flower Power

For lawns and outdoor plants

  • + Protects outdoor plants and lawns from temperature variations and high heat
  • + Captures water from evaporation of subsoils>
  • + 100% biodegradable and acrylamide free

All our solutions contribute directly to the field actions of the Global Institute for Water, Environment and Health (GIWEH).

BERGER-WORLD is now present all over the world here is the list of our main offices

Genève, Suisse
Paris, France
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